Searching for the Finmen

Subtitle: An Unplanned Journey in Homage to the Kayak and its Inuit Masters

Author: Norman Rogers
Published: 2012
Publisher: Matador UK
Contents: 203 pp, 11 colour plates, maps & figures, bibliography, index
Cover: softcover
Size: 156 x 234 mm
ISBN: 978 1780880 778
NZ Availability: P. Caffyn $37

While waiting for a health issue to be resolved, Norman researched how West Greenland kayaks with paddlers arrived on the NE coast of Scotland in the early 1700s. Superb concise research into the Inuit, how they migrated through Arctic waters to E Greenland, their culture and what has puzzled researchers for centuries, how some Greenland paddlers arrived in the NE of Scotland and the Orkneys.